Safe (web) applications are an important part of the safe processing of sensitive data. We work on this daily; technology in general and digital security in particular is our passion. We work together with the following partners:

WhiteHats works as a Partner in Education together with Fontys to contribute to the development of young talent. For example, presentations and workshops are given and WhiteHats makes external experts available for graduation sessions. In addition, WhiteHats continuously offers an internship or graduation place for the Cyber Security specialization of Software Engineering.

Since May 2018, your organization must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR or GDPR). This legal obligation requires a lot, but also offers opportunities. From an intrinsic motivation for data privacy, Smile wants to set a good example and provide tools to help organizations. A privacy officer today can no longer do without good tooling.

The Privacy Suite makes his or her tasks a lot easier. From an AVG compliance scan to a data register for data processing, a registration system for privacy incidents, functionality to easily process requests for personal data and much more. Everything has been thought of in the Privacy Suite.