Vulnerability Scan

During this periodic scan, we monitor your application environment or the access point to your network with a vulnerability scanner.

This gives you certainty about the correct design of the environment, you monitor its security and you fulfill the legal obligation to organize suitable security for the processing of personal data.

Working method

Our periodic vulnerability scans go through these phases:


We start with a discussion about the collaboration and test approach.

First scan
We get to know your application environment and perform the first scan.


We will review the findings with you and establish a "baseline".

Periodic scan
We periodically check your production environment and keep a log of this.

We will contact you as soon as new vulnerabilities are discovered.

You will receive a monthly report from us on the scans performed, with findings, advice and the current state of affairs.

Ethical hackers testen een webapplicatie voor cyber security kwetsbaarheden.


Complex environments with numerous systems accessible from the public internet require more analysis than smaller setups. Therefore, a vulnerability scan of publicly accessible systems is always tailored to the specific characteristics of your environment.

Of course, you can narrow down the scope of the assessment to limit costs. We would be happy to provide you with more information on this

Gettings started

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