Protect your applications with advice from ethical hackers

We have the knowledge to effectively protect applications and are happy to share it with your team


As a cybersecurity specialist, we offer a wide range of services to protect your business from cyber attacks. Our main services are:

Penetration testing

Our cyber security experts perform penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities in your web applications, enterprise networks and systems. By conducting these tests thoroughly and manually, we can identify weaknesses in your security and help you fix them before hackers can exploit them.

Security consulting and workshops

Our experts advise you on best security practices and help you implement security measures to protect your business from cyber attacks. We also offer training for your employees to make them aware of the risks of cyber crime.

Vulnerability scans enterprise networks

We offer periodic security monitoring services to detect potential threats and respond quickly to suspicious activity within your enterprise network. Our proprietary scanning solution periodically monitors potentially changing configurations of your enterprise network and immediately highlights new vulnerabilities. The more often we scan, the sooner you will be aware of security issues.

Testing according to OWASP

OWASP is an open, international organization that provides support in the field of secure Web applications. OWASP, known for the OWASP Top 10, has become the standard in our field. Therefore, our approach is based on OWASP's recommendations.

If you are looking for a cybersecurity specialist to protect your business from cybercrime, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you improve your security.

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Why is application security important?

Complexe applicaties met bijvoorbeeld veel koppelingen vragen meer analyse dan eenvoudige toepassingen. Een beveiligingsonderzoek voor een webapplicatie inclusief server is daarom altijd maatwerk.

Natuurlijk kunt u de scope van het onderzoek beperken om kosten te limiteren. WIj informeren u hier graag over.

Aan de slag

WIlt u permanente zekerheid over de veilige inrichting van uw servers of sites? Neem dan nu contact met ons op voor een vrijblijvend kenninsmakingsgesprek.

How do we share our knowledge?

Want to know what your day will look like when you invite our cyber security consultants to share their knowledge?

Watch the sneak preview video below and see how they cut loose at our client Cube.

Want to know more about how we can help make your team even more cyber-aware? Get in contact to discuss the possibilities.

Want to know how to become a hacker?

Customer in education sector

"The combination of testing and source code review, made us choose WhiteHats. As a result, we learned many things we didn't already know. The contact was pleasant and WhiteHats delivered what we asked for."

Customer in healthcare sector

"Compliments on the research and certainly on the report. How the report looks (layout, structure) and the level of detail of the advice is very good. Our administrators can start working with this in no time. I have already seen several studies by parties and this is the most thorough report."

Our employees hold various security certifications such as:

WhiteHats has a statement of conduct and every employee has a VOG.