External investigation

The internet is continuously "scanned" and the results of this can often be found in public sources. During this research, we will dig into this in order to map out the "exposure" of your organization from a security perspective.

We use the OSINT-Framework. We will search the internet for information related to your organization, about systems, people, documents, backups, passwords, archives and so on.


Complexe applicaties met bijvoorbeeld veel koppelingen vragen meer analyse dan eenvoudige toepassingen. Een beveiligingsonderzoek voor een webapplicatie inclusief server is daarom altijd maatwerk.

Natuurlijk kunt u de scope van het onderzoek beperken om kosten te limiteren. WIj informeren u hier graag over.

Aan de slag

WIlt u permanente zekerheid over de veilige inrichting van uw servers of sites? Neem dan nu contact met ons op voor een vrijblijvend kenninsmakingsgesprek.

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Working method

Our investigations into external enterprise networks go through these phases:

We start with a discussion about the collaboration and test approach.


We look for sensitive information related to your organization in various public sources.

We document our findings and personalized advice in a comprehensive test report.

We hand over the report, discuss the main points with you and think along about pragmatic solutions.

Next steps
We will discuss possible follow-up steps with you. We also recommend a "Internal Investigation".

We remain available to you for questions, retests and advice.