Complaints procedure

At WhiteHats, we believe it is important to help you develop secure applications and secure your IT infrastructure. If in any manner we have failed to do so, we would like to receive feedback on your experience. Any suggestions to further improve our services are always welcome. The procedure below describes how to report your experience to us and what you can expect from us in dealing with your complaint.

What we promise:

  • You can make your report through any of the channels mentioned on our contact page.
    If you submitted your report in a written form, we will respond to it as soon as possible within three days at the latest.
  • We treat your report confidentially and will not share your personal information with third parties without your consent, unless necessary to fulfill a legal obligation.
  • If we cannot provide you with an appropriate solution immediately over the phone or in our initial written response, we will inform you and ensure that you are then informed by us within two weeks about:
    • our review of the report;
    • possible solution approaches;
    • The expected resolution time (maximum two months).
  • We will then keep you updated on the progress of solving the problem.