We help companies develop safe web applications and secure the office environment. We have a technical background with extensive experience in web application development and system / network management. Technology in general and web security in particular is our passion and we are happy to tell you about it.

Thijs Schoonbrood

Managing Director

“I know from my experience as a developer and consultant that a secure web application is not self-evident. Building up the right knowledge proves to be a difficult task for many SMEs. We have this expertise in house and are happy to share it with you! ”

Sandy van der Elsen

Operations Manager

“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment’, zei Nelson Mandela. Ons team investeert samen met onze klanten in cyber security door onze expertise met ze te delen en pro-actief safety binnen ICT te waarborgen. Als Operations Manager ben ik trots op ons menselijk aandeel in het actief veiliger maken van onze digitale samenleving”

Kamil Wasylkiewicz

Security Consultant

“My ambitions to contribute to safety have already awarded me a Red Beret. However, contemporary attacks often proceed through digital channels. That is why I have specialized in Cyber Security. At WhiteHats I use my skills to conduct penetration tests as effectively as possible and to advise clients. ”

Mathijs Verschuuren

Security Consultant
“The digital world is growing day by day, but the security of most devices and applications is not in order. At WhiteHats I want to use my knowledge in the field of security as a preventive measure to prevent a malicious attack and provide companies with solutions. ”
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Mike Kuiper

Security Consultant
“At WhiteHats, the work is diverse, which means that different hats have to be worn. From writing tools to testing web applications, I get the opportunity to contribute to a safe digital world! ”

Dennis Knipschild

Security Consultant
"In my ten years of experience with software development for the healthcare industry, one theme was central: information security. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to focus on this as the only theme at WhiteHats and to dive deeper into every challenge and development in this area."

Stan van der Vleuten

Security Consultant
"From the first time I came into contact with IT, Security has been the part that fascinates me the most. Driven by the question "How can it be more secure?" I have immersed myself in Security in my professional career (and certainly also in my spare time). At WhiteHats, I apply this knowledge and experience to help organizations find and solve deficiencies in their security."

Thomas van Heel

Security Consultant
"Companies are increasingly moving to cloud services. This, combined with my interest in cloud, led to my graduate internship at WhiteHats. My goal is to contribute to security in this emerging world with my assignment."

Ash Hooijmans

Security Specialist
"Driven by solving mysteries, I am constantly working on my cyber security skills. With my background in technology, I am interested in hacking hardware. I hope to contribute to safety in digital environments in both the private and business sector"

Stijn van den Elsen

Software Ontwikkelaar
“Bij WhiteHats ben ik trots om deel uit te maken van een team van experts dat zich bezighoudt met het beveiligen van digitale systemen voor onze klanten. Als softwareontwikkelaar draag ik bij aan het automatiseren van taken voor mijn collega’s.”