Understanding vulnerabilities

Virtual lab environment

Hands-on as an ethical hacker

In brief

In this workshop, your development team will experience the risks of some vulnerabilities from the OWASP top 10. Your developers will use our guidance as a hacker to exploit them. We have a completely self-developed virtual environment with pre-installed hack tools and vulnerable applications. By experiencing the risks associated with vulnerabilities and the simplicity with which they can often be exploited, developers wake up and become more security aware. During the workshop, we share our pragmatic advice based on years of experience to help developers avoid such vulnerabilities in the applications they are developing. We can provide all this remotely or on-site. It is even possible to tailor the content of the workshop to the security needs of your team.

Working method

Our workshops on web application security go through these phases:

  • Converstation
    We start with a discussion about the collaboration and the content of the workshop.
  • Presentation
    We share our knowledge and experience about various vulnerabilities through an interactive presentation.
    We are also ready to answer the questions of your development team.
  • Workshop
    The participants will have the opportunity to work as a hacker themselves, in an environment that we have designed and isolated.
  • Aftercare
    You will receive the presentation in digital form and we remain available for questions and advice.


The number of participants and any preferences for a personal interpretation of the workshop differ per organization. A web application workshop is therefore always tailor-made.

Of course there is the possibility to limit the workshop if you want to manage on costs. We are happy to inform you about this.

To get going

Do you want to increase the security knowledge of yourself and / or your team by getting started as a hacker? Then contact us now for a no-obligation introductory meeting