Risk mitigation through active defense

Real-time insight into the attacks

Practical advice from specialists

In brief

Internet applications are continuously attacked by automatic scanners and hackers. Without monitoring, you have no insight into this traffic and attacker behavior. After a security investigation, we know your applications through-and-through and we can realize a monitoring solution tailored to your application to detect and follow up real-time attacks where necessary. This actively defends your application, so that you significantly reduce the risk of a successful attack.

Working method

Our monitoring and protection systems go through these phases:

  • Converstation
    We start with a discussion about the cooperation and development approach.
  • Examination
    We determine the focus of your web application and draw up detection rules that are specific to your application and situation.
  • Inrichting
    We set up a monitoring environment based on your wishes and the results of the research phase. An important aspect here is insight into the behavior of your users.
  • Handover
    We transfer the management of the set up environment to your administrators with adequate, practical documentation.
  • Monitoring
    You will be notified with real-time alerts and, if necessary, automatic action will be taken. In addition, you can attribute attacks to users.
  • Aftercare
    We remain available for questions, further development and advice.


The monitoring solution as we deliver it is tailored to your application and is therefore always tailor-made.

If we have already carried out an application survey, we will benefit from the available knowledge. We are happy to inform you about this.


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