Low investment

Fast global insight

Basis for follow-up research

In brief

During a checkup, we perform a one-time vulnerability assessment of your application, where we look at a number of crucial points. Based on our findings, you determine whether there is reason for one full investigation en/of het instellen van periodic scans.

Working method

Our checkups go through these phases:

  • Converstation
    We start with a discussion about the collaboration and test approach.
  • Verificatie
    We ask you to put a control code on your site so that we can control your access.
  • Serverscan
    We scan your application server for vulnerabilities.
  • Applicatietest
    A certified employee carries out certain (manual) checks from our complete test protocol.
  • Documentation
    We document our findings and personalized advice with code examples in a brief test report.
  • Handover
    We will hand over the report to you and then go over the content by telephone or via the Internet.
  • Aftercare
    We remain available for questions, retests and advice.


The checkup consists of a number of parts that do not depend on the complexity of the application, and a number that do depend on it. Nevertheless, we carry out this research for a fixed rate.

To get going

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