Insight into the safety of your docker environment

Possible to be used periodically

Also deployable for a Kubernetes cluster

In brief

Tijdens de uitvoering van dit onderzoek controleren we (eenmalig of periodiek) de componenten van uw Docker-container(s) op bekende kwetsbaarheden. Immers, een aanvaller die toegang weet te verkrijgen tot uw Docker-container, kan mogelijk ook eenvoudig toegang verkrijgen tot uw andere containers. Door het doorlopend scannen van uw Docker-containers op kwetsbaarbeden, neemt u zelfs gerichte actie om de beveiliging ervan te monitoren en actief te waarborgen.

Working method

Onze onderzoeken naar Docker-containers doorlopen deze fases:

  • Converstation
    We start with a discussion about the collaboration and test approach.
  • Examination
    We can investigate your Docker container (s) once or periodically for vulnerabilities. During a periodic examination, we keep a log of the results.
  • Notification
    In the case of a periodic investigation, we will contact you as soon as new vulnerabilities are discovered.
  • Documentation
    We document our findings and personalized advice in a comprehensive test report.
  • Handover
    You will receive a report from us on the performed scans, with the findings and advice.


A Kubernetes cluster with many Docker containers requires more analysis work than simple setups. A Docker container security scan is therefore always custom-made.

Of course there is the possibility to limit the scope of the research if you want to manage costs. We are happy to inform you about this.

To get going

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