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A mistake is easily made and a successful cyber attack can have major consequences. We have the knowledge to effectively protect applications and are happy to share it with your team. Work with WhiteHats to make your applications resilient and secure. Get in touch Hats White

Our mission

We love to use our expertise for a digital world in which information is safe and applications can be trusted.

It is our ambition to assist SMEs with thorough application security assessments and to optimally support development teams with practical tips and advice. We have a broad base, are specialists in application security and stand for quality.

More info?

Check out our services below. If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an introductory meeting, contact us.

With these services we offer protection against digital attacks:

Web applications
We thoroughly investigate your web application for vulnerabilities.
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Office network
We scan your company's network for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
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We are offering various consulting options (for network, design, etc.)
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We boost your team's security knowledge with workshops (fun!).
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Our employees have numerous security certifications such as: OSCP, OSWP, CEH, eWPT, eNDP & MTA.
Statement of conduct

WhiteHats has a statement of conduct and every employee has a VOG.

This is WhiteHats


We are active in the following business sectors (among others): healthcare, education, financial and insurance services, IT and (semi) government.


We are happy to help you improve the security of on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker and Kubernetes.

Code reviews

We specialize in custom applications, usually based on PHP, .NET, Java, NodeJS and Python. Embedded software is often in C / C ++.

Practical advice

We provide advice specific for your applications and situation, so that your developers can easily get started with solving and preventing vulnerabilities.


We are a 'Partner in Education' at Fontys University of Applied Sciences and contribute to the Cyber-Security and Software-Engineering curriculum.

Dedicated team

We love personal contact and consider it important to be of assistence to you. Our security experts are at your service during, but also after, the assessment.