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Secure coding

In this workshop, developers learn to identify vulnerabilities in code through practical examples. We guide them through the process of analyzing code, focusing on detecting weak points that may pose a security risk.

The workshop emphasizes the importance of secure coding principles and practices. Your team will learn about the most common errors in software development and how to avoid them. We will also cover strategies for writing secure code, including implementing code reviews and using automated tools for vulnerability detection.

Working method

Our workshop on web application security go through these phases:

We start with a discussion about the collaboration and the content of the workshop.

We share our knowledge and experience about secure coding through an interactive presentation. We are also ready to answer the questions of your development team.

Participants have the opportunity to identify vulnerabilities themselves in custom code examples based on the desired programming language.

You will receive the presentation in digital form and we remain available for questions and advice.

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The investment for a secure coding workshop is always dependent on the number of participants and your specific requirements to address particular issues during the workshop. A workshop for your team is always customized.

Of course, you can limit the content of the secure coding workshop to control costs. We would be happy to provide you with more information.

Getting started

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