A personal approach

A thorough understanding of security

Practical advice from specialists

In brief

During a security assessment (also known as a penetration test / pen test), we thoroughly examine your application and production environment. We help your team find vulnerabilities and come up with practical solutions. We are specialized and certified in fully screening software from every conceivable angle.

Working method

Our web application assessments go through these phases:

  • Converstation
    We start with a discussion about the collaboration and test approach.
  • Examination
    We get to know your web applications well and examine all functionality and links. With your consent, we also dive deep into the code to get the most complete picture possible.
  • Penetration Test
    A certified employee conducts the security screening according to the guidelines of OWASP with several test methods. A penetration test is mostly "manual work" whereby we test your applications interactively via an attack proxy.
  • Documentation
    We document our findings and personalized advice with code examples in a detailed test report.
  • Handover
    We hand over the report, discuss the main points with you and think along about pragmatic solutions.
  • Aftercare
    We remain available to you for questions, retests and advice.


Complex applications with many links require more analysis than simple applications. A security research for a web application plus server is therefore always tailor-made.

Of course there is the possibility to limit the scope of the research if you want to manage costs. We are happy to inform you about this.

To get going

Do you want to quickly and permanently improve the security of your web application or site? Then contact us now for a no-obligation introductory meeting.