Insight into infrastructure security

Identification of critical and vulnerable systems

Practical advice and suggestions

In brief

During the execution of this security investigation, we map your internal company network. We use vulnerability scanners to identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and provide pragmatic advice and suggestions on how to protect them. It is recommended to do a  "Security research corporate network (external)" first.

Working method

Our investigations into internal corporate networks go through these phases:

  • Converstation
    We start with a discussion about the collaboration and test approach.
  • Examination
    We test the security of the individual machines in your company network, such as servers, workstations, but also printers, VoIP telephones and WiFi networks. We perform these tests at your location.
  • Documentation
    We document our findings and personalized advice in a comprehensive test report.
  • Next steps
    We hand over the report, discuss the main points with you and think along about pragmatic solutions.
  • Aftercare
    We remain available to you for questions, retests and advice.


Every corporate network is different, and complex environments require more analysis than simple setups. A security investigation of the internal company network is therefore always tailor-made.

Of course there is the possibility to limit the scope of the research if you want to manage costs. We are happy to inform you about this.

To get going

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